Andrejs climbing rules


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Rules of outdoors
*Every piece of gear dropped -10 pushups
*Climb with out a helmet- everyone present gets to slap you on the head
*Stand on a rope- 10 pushups
*Using a monohold-- belayer must do 5 pushups
*Forgetting you harness- must wear a sling harness
*Forgetting harness, shoes, belay device or helmet - become the pack mule.
*Poorly coiled rope- must carry it without putting it in a bag.
*All motivation shouts must be “don’t be pussy” in a think Latvian accent.

Rules of the wall
*Falling on a route -5 pushups
*Bailing on a route- 10 pushups
*Leaving gear on the ground - 5 pushups
*Standing on a rope - 10 pushups
*Poorly coiled rope- redo 5 times
*Dropping quickdraw - 5 pushups
*Rainbowing a route- buy your belayer a pack of skittles


I think I’m going to get good at push-ups come September