Are cowboys good rock climbers?


Hi all,

I am conducting a study as to whether or not there is a correlation between spending most of your childhood dressed as a cowboy, and later being a good rock climber. As yet I only have a single datapoint, Pierce Hosey. Any thoughts?


I personally believe that Cowboys should remain cowboys as they keep holding up their quickdraws and trying to shoot me with them. It’s just a carabineer not a fecking revolver


I’d like to add this video as evidence, his point on “elf shoes” is valid

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Fantastic! Liam I think this should be very beneficial to your study :laughing:!

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I really hate you liam.


@LiamL can we get a back story as to how this photo was found?


My phone was stolen by a highway bandit with a six-shooter and a bandana over his face. I later found it lying around in a saloon, and found this picture on it.