Gaeilge sa chlub


So as a bi-lingual campus I was thinking of putting up a poster with Irish vocab for climbing gear at the wall and possibily integrating it into some more of the things we do?

The president of the Uni is all about the cúpla focail and every idea he likes the sports unit will love so doing this pre-emptively might get the club some extra kudos points and they’re always good :wink:
Here is some vocab that exists or that I’ve invented :crazy_face:

dreapadóireacht - climbing

sléibhteoireacht - mountaineering

Bolláníocht - bouldering

Pillín Bolláníocht - bouldering pad

balla - Wall

Téad/rópa - Rope

Snaidhm - knot

Lúibíní - bolts

Pláta Belaí – Belay plate

Sracín - Quick-draw

Crúcín - Karabiner

Úim - Harness

trealamh - Rack/gear

cara - cam/friend

cnó - nut

iris - sling

Hex - heics

tua oighear - Ice-axe

Thoughts? Opinions?


You seem to be getting good at this Irish craic


Looks like a Monday night climbing as gaeilge climbing funded by the Irish dept…


A poster and/or an Irish climbing night would certainly be interesting.

You can actually see some more vo-cab defined here:, they also have cnocadóireacht as another word for mountaineering along with taking the word sínteoir (extender) for quickdraw for example. Some more words listed at the link.

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Did someone say funding, my treasurer sense is tingling.