Inspirational Videos

Post up any videos you come across that you might like to share here!

Epic TV is a good place to start if you’re looking for some inspiration:

It’s been a few weeks since the climbing community lost David, Jess and Hansjörg on in an avalanche while they were attempting the route M16 on Howse Peak.

Heres a video of David doing what he loved most. :heart:


Here’s to what Scotland can be like, Beautifully wet and miserable.


Here’s what Scotland really really is, epic :grin:


From the 2014 winter meet, and the first time I ever produced a video. Probably the only video ever made with the club gopro :monkey_face:

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For those going to the Banff next week!

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Iceland anyone? But no americans driving

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Not strictly mountaineering but a recent video from Danny MacAskill, might be of some inspiration to all soccer moms out there…

Other good videos worth a look from Danny are “Danny’s Wee Day Out” - featured in the Banff film festival two years ago I think and there’s also one called “The Ridge” involving the Cullin Ridge (He grew up on Skye)


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