Mountaineering club awards


Shamelessly stolen from the kayak club with some mountaineering favour added. Copy and paste to your own delight!

Most Improved First Year:
Best Committee member:
Best Mountaineering video:
Best Photograph:
Best Club Trip:
Best Sunday hike/Climb:
Best Topout:
Best Club Moment:
Worst Club Moment:
Best Quote of the Year:
Best/Funniest Injury:
Best House Party:
Best Brew at a Party:

Best Thing Piked During a Club Trip:
Best Shuttle bunny:
Club Lightweight:
Club Mess:
Best Costume on a Trip:

Feel free to add your own in as well



Do we get actual awards by any chance??


@LorcanBG I’ll leave that up to the glorious committee to work out…

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Most Improved First Year: Ger … again

Best Committee member: the pumpkin king

Best Mountaineering video: the video of our beautiful pumpkin king taking his crown through trial of pumpkin.

Best Photograph:

, and a strong second Liam lang before and after the courgette

Best Club Trip: dingle

Best Sunday hike/Climb: Liam and pierces mystery hike

Best Topout: lorcan big cheese, leading his first trad in allaidie I wasnt there but I can just imagine the glorious spectacle of sheer sauve on a rock

Best Club Moment: mental health week email

Worst Club Moment: forgetting the first aid kit during trad in lake district, fuck you pierce.

Best Quote of the Year: Liam lang dialogue, just choose any sentence

Best/Funniest Injury: theres not really a competition here like come on … (our very own free soloist) the amazing sir James of the Ryan’s

Best House Party: I sort of remember one at Liam’s where I made ridiculous amounts of tea, I’m still not entirely sure if this happened or not

Best Brew at a Party: fionn in general

Best Thing Piked During a Club Trip: the leaking travel mug from keswick that fionn stole and that I then stole only to realise its fault.

Best Shuttle bunny: Ciara mcellistrim

Club Lightweight: rhymes with Jack

Club Mess:

Best Costume on a Trip: Joe dressed as the finest looking female I ever did see. All women are ruined for me now none will ever live up to her/him


Best Committee member: Cathal Breathnach
Best Photograph: Wiki taking a photo of Ger instead of seeing if hes alive
Wildest climbing move: Chael Heel hook on an E3
Best Club Moment: The look of sheer delight on Adam West and Chael O’Brein when they discovered that Hannah Liam and I were not dead in Scotland
Best Quote of the Year: “You cant be dehydrated if your hydrated” -Liam Lang
Best/Funniest Injury: Liam Lang doing a Hannah and falling off his bike
Best House Party: The one with stickers
Best Brew at a Party: The concoction damo gave me in Dingle
Best Idea: Liam Lang should create a cult with him as the figure head. Possible names include; Langtology, League of Liam Lang (LLL) or the Hand of Lang

Best Shuttle bunny: Chael O’Brien
Club Lightweight: Half can lang
Club Mess: Pumpkin King
Best Costume on a Trip: The Spanish Armada


Most Improved First Year: I agree with Chael that Ger guy in first year really can climb
Best Committee member: The store
Best Mountaineering video: Multipitch in the dark with my love @Pinktricam
Best Photograph: The picture of Liam there with the ciggy or Chael blowing the horn!
Best Club Trip: Dingle
Best Sunday hike/Climb: Obviously they were all amazing! Even South Maamtrasna :upside_down_face:
Best Club Moment: Seeing Ger smile :heart_eyes:
Best Quote of the Year: “I’m so good at flipping men, they call me The Skillet.”-Chael
Best/Funniest Injury: James, surviving a one hundred foot fall! Glad you’re alright man!
Best House Party: The one where I stole David Langleys shirt
Best Brew at a Party:
Whatever was in that pumpkin
Best Shuttle bunny: Karen :heart::heart:
Club Mess: HMMMM Me?
Best Costume on a Trip: Pierce, god those legs seemed never-ending :astonished::heart:


Most Improved First Year: Since I don’t consider @Contours to be a first year, it has to be Mckenzie!
Best Committee member: That’s either Lorcan for all those Sunday given up, or Chael for not bankrupting the club (yet)
Best Mountaineering video: I’m going to suggest the video Cathal has of me driving in Norway over the summer…
Best Photograph:
Legit photo,

Shit posting photo; Perhaps this, because I legit can’t remember it being taken…

Best Club Trip: The extreme bus journey trip
Best Sunday hike/Climb: Overnight camp on Mweelrea
Worst Club Moment: Mental health week email, still shocked you haven’t been sued
Best Quote of the Year: Pretty much anything @Contours whispers in your ear, but you can’t repeat back for fear HR will come and take you away for ever

Best House Party: I’ve only been to one house, @committee fix this plz

Best Thing Piked During a Club Trip:
Best Shuttle bunny: Our holy father Mr Anthony Dawson
Club Lightweight: Same as Lorcans…
Club Mess: No one outstanding in this area…
Best Costume on a Trip: Chael in a dress, what more needs to be said

Turns out this was a lot harder then I expected.


Most Improved First Year: McKenzieee :orange_heart:
Best Committee member: Guess Lorcan did pretty well ^^
Best Photograph: Liam and Pierce holding that map
Best Club Trip: [Since I wasn’t in Dingle] Lake District <3
Best Sunday hike/Climb: The very first one, in Leenane :blush:
Best Indoor Club Moment: Map training session!!
Worst Club Moment: See “Best Injury”
Best Quote of the Year: Don’t know, Herrmann said so many things…
Best/Funniest Injury: After South Maamtrasna I learned that the butterfly effect is real. I have never been happier to see a policeman coming for me.
Best House Party: Hopefully the one next Friday
Best Brew at a Party: That thing in the big bowl looked disgusting
Best Non-Hiking Outdoor Activity: :icecream: The trip to the beach after the Maamturks Challenge
Best Thing Piked (<Found) During a Club Trip: Emmajane
Best Moment Involving Ships: Mountaneers singing “My Heart Will Go On” while approaching to a massive ferry
Best Shuttle bunny: Clearly Róisín <3
Club Mess: The big bag with climbing shoes
Best Costume on a Trip: Gotta be the Spanish Armada!! ^^


Best Thing Piked (<Found) During a Club Trip: Emmajane

I change my answer to this! :joy::heart_eyes:


I like to think I also found myself, spiritually, during that incident :joy:


Probably a bit late to go filling out the full list of awards but I did come across the video as suggested by @Fionn and thought that some more of you may enjoy it - please note it’s really all about a few seconds of audio, the actual footage isn’t much to remark about:

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