Outdoor climbing


If anyone is interested in doing a bit of outdoor climbing tomorrow, there’s a few spaces left.

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I’ll see ye there bright and early, I should be arriving at around 2 of clock in the AM and I’ll be leaving at 1 at the latest.

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If any one happens to be climbing on Sunday or Monday, definitely hit me up because I’d love to climb one last time before I head off back home!


Greetings NUIGMCers. I’m an undergrad from the US and I’ll be living in and interning near Galway this summer. As such, I’m looking for some climbing partners—Lorcan pointed me in this direction. If anyone is around and would be down for an occasional climbing or bouldering trip on the weekend (I’ll be around from June to early August), let me know! I’ve only ever led on fixed gear outdoors, but I’d love to learn some trad if any of you would be willing to share your knowledge.