Photography & Videography


With so many nice cameras in the club now, it may be useful to have a thread for related discussions. We do still have very few videos being created, perhaps people are like me and have massive collections of footage that haven’t been made into anything else yet - someday I may get around to it but I realise I now need to buy a new hard drive as I’ve run out of space for more photos / videos…

Anyways to start the discussion, some people may have seen that DJI - probably the leader in the drone industry have now launched their own action camera - DJI Osmo Action:

It’s remarkably similar to an existing product with the most clever feature of including a screen on the front - I don’t know how many time I’ve taken a selfie with a GoPro to hope that it was on target. The tests also show incredible stabilisation. You can watch some video of people using it here:

GoPro has been struggling financially for a while now and with so many cheap Chinese/Aldi options available, it’s not surprising, although GoPro had probably been still leading the way with high end action camera performance and stability of the recent Hero 7 Black. However, the Osmo Action is now actually cheaper and looking much better - so it’ll be interesting to see if GoPro can survive this.

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@Contours Does the club want to replace their gopro? :wink:

I really like the image stabilisation


We might as well get that drone too while we’re at it, DJI might give us a deal on the two…