SAUNA with the Mountaineering club


Yesterday, while I sat at my desk pretending to study the interesting world of soils my mind wandered off to a more magical place.

You random forum user may be excitingly asking yourself “What were you thinking about Lorcan?”

Well, random forum user, I was thinking of a rather funny land known for its Moomin merch, Angry Birds, and the 2006 Eurovision winners Lordi with their fantastic hit ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’. If you still haven’t got a clue where I’m talking about then I’ll give you one last hint! It is also the home of the fascinating sport of Wife Carrying and hosts the annual World Championships!

Perkele! You still don’t know?!? FACEPALM

Finland, it’s Finland you numpty!

In Finland, there were more than 2 million saunas by the end of 2017! Finland has about 5.5 million inhabitants, which translated to a bit less than half-a-sauna per person. This number is just an approximation, so the actual number of saunas could be much larger. As you can see in Finland SAUNA is no Joke. However, I must add that this phenomenon is not just limited to Finland but other Nordic, Scandinavian and Baltic countries (plus Россия). It is believed that the modern word ‘sauna’ comes from the proto-Finnic ‘sakna’ which itself was derived from the proto-Germanic ‘ stakna’ , a forefather of the English word ‘ stack ’. Additionally, there is a proto-Sami word ‘ suovńē‘ which means pit in the snow. Sauna is not just a random pastime but a form of art that cleanses the body. I would like to import this marvellous activity to the mountaineering club! Through my in-depth research, I discovered a diamond in the rough that is the Kingfisher.
A SAUNA right here in Galway and I would like to propose a weekly SATURDAY SAUNA NIGHT!

Let me know if you too share my passion for Sauna and would like nothing better than spend your Sunday afternoon sitting with me in a sweaty little room!

Looking forward to your replies!
Lots of Love

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As an Swedish exchange student, I feel it’s my duty to attend this event! :sweden:

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I’ll see you tomorrow my dear fellow

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I sincerely support this motion only if the lads get matching tie dye speedos


Hey there @UnenthusiasticForum! Good shout will have a think about it :thinking: and check out the prices of such items of clothing.

NO tie die but I wonder would these do?

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We should be back from :hiking_boot: I’d say about 7ish so maybe 7.30/8ish for sweaty intimate conversation time

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I have never been to sauna before so I feel I have to go


I think the Kingfisher closes at 6pm on Saturdays :confused:


Tomorrow so? What time?!


What time can most people make it?


I’m in work from 1:30-5:30 so I’m probably gonna have to say no I’m afraid


NOOOOO @Contours :frowning: I promise we will have another Sauna night soon!

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Unless you want to a morning Sauna :expressionless:


OHHH potential! Anytime is a good time for a Sauna with the boys!

OH and heres todays fun fact about Saunas


In ancient times, the sauna elf (Fin. saunatonttu ) was believed to live in the sauna. This elf was not an invader, but a friendly helper who took care of the family and warned them of impending danger. This, however, came at a cost, as the elf would have to be treated with respect and you even had to ask permission from the elf to enter the sauna. This also meant warming up the sauna sometimes just for the elf and occasionally leaving food outside for the elf to eat.

The sauna elf could also be angered by bad behaviours, such as drinking too much, mistreating your animals, or just being a bad person. The elf would then show you its anger by making noises, throwing things, and jinxing you so your hunt went wrong. In the worst case scenario, the elf could kill the person! :open_mouth: Fortunately, there are no recorded murders by sauna elf.


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KF is open 9 to 6, I can do before 12 or after 4. What ever other think


10Am tomorrow! If anyone is coming

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People you missed out on a fabulous 45 min Sauna session with Fionn and I! We will most likely be meeting up some time mid week!

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Why do I work far away whyyy:( I’d love to sauna but rivering will have to suffice. Its just not the same without ye all here.

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From Wednesday onwards, I would be interested in participating in sauna sessions.


How about Wednesday or Thursday evening?