Sinking the pink (add your pink tricam placements here)


Today I sunk the pink on
Skywalker E2
Moments of inertia E3
Two glorious placements, emmet unfortunately found them less than pleasant to remove.

But to quote the gospel ‘ode to the pink tricam’

" But it’s often hard to get them out;
They make your second moan and shout
And wave his nut tool 'round about

But that’s why you’re the one on lead
Your problems are a different breed
As long as someone does the deed…"


Truly magnificent my dear fellow! I must commend you on your grade pushing, lovely gear placements and of course annoying Emmet! :heart:


Hello all! I just wanted to let you all know that the pink tricam really got around today, so for future dates, make sure other protection is used as well.

For me, it was a glorious horizontal craic (spelling intended) today… for others, it was, well, it’s not my place to tell.


Yesterday, may the fourth… shit should’ve climbed Skywalker again.

Apart from this blunderous oversight, the pink was placed on line of fire E2 and moments of inertia E3 back for revenge sending cleanly.

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Today, the pink was sunk on Moon Rill, VS. This was my first sinking, and I was immediately infatuated. Despite it being placed somewhat haphazardly, sitting nowhere in particular in a horizontal crack, I have no doubt whatsoever that it would have saved me had I whipped, due to its satisfyingly curvaceous nature - solid, yet supple; elegant, yet simple - not merely a perfunctory device but a source of inspiration and passion and conviction - an erudite piece of gear for the enlightened climber. I hope there will be many more sinkings in the future.


The pink sitting comfortably, as captured by the fantastic Emmet McCourt.